Building CATALYST Makes Measurable Innovation Possible

Construction's exciting innovations include Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Lean Construction. There's a problem, however, that without the ability to measure their impact, they fall far short of their potential. Building Catalyst provides the means to predict and evaluate (measure) impact of these and many other attributes that determine outcomes.

With this new prediction/evaluation ability you have all you need to develop your innovation strategy. Decide how far you want to go on your journey. Start slow and easy with incremental improvement. You can do this on your own. Advanced improvement requires a collaborative and transparent team - owner, architect, and building company. Building CATALYST, together with other current BIM and Lean aids, provides everything you need to achieve this level of improvement.  Each stage brings a value improvement range - as a percent of the traditional building and design cost. 

Innovative prefabrication and modular production movement continue to grow - albeit slowly - in some market sectors. To learn more about this movement, including the 2017 McKinsey Global Institute report, ready this article: Time to Reinvent Construction

How is this possible?

The Scientific Method

Building Catalyst's development is based on the Deming-Shewart PDSA (Plan - Do - Study - Act) scientific method as shown below. Dozens of real-world projects have been processed through the PDSA cycle in order to make projects knowable. These projects have come across many different building types, locations and design, and construction teams. The principle is that a knowledge system must precede a production system. 

With this knowledge system in place - as innovations are tried, you have the means to objectively evaluate their impact on value - in terms of cost and schedule benefit. 

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Want to experience Building Catalyst more closely. This Overview shows you how projects are created, defined, and reported.